I Wish You Could See You

I wish you could see you.

The person you really are, not the person you think you should be.

I wish you could see what other people see and not the harsh judgement you give yourself.

I wish you could go back in time and see with the eyes of the child that you once were. That you could love yourself like before and dance in front of the mirror. That this world brought you up instead of letting you down.

I wish this world didn’t make you believe that you have to be a different person than who you are. That it helped you embrace you.

There are so many times that we look down. Look down on who we are, how we live, and the true beauty of the world around us. We no longer see what is true– we see what is wrong. We are lost in the wrongness of ourselves and our actions.

I wish you could see that there is nothing wrong with you. That you need to forgive yourself and forgive others so that you may move on. I wish you could see the damage the grudge you are holding does to all the great things in your life. I wish you could be more free.

Free to be you. The person you are naturally, unashamedly, openly. To be the one that feels, cries, loves grows, eats, sleeps, and dreams the way you were meant to, not the way you think you are supposed to.

This lifetime is too short to hate, to fear, to fall apart over all the little things that we believe are wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is the way it should be. Life is moving and changing and you can either accept it or fall to pieces and struggle.

A favorite saying of mine is  “If you fight for your problems you get to keep them.” This means that if you say you can’t, you won’t. If you say it’s not possible then it’s not. But every day there are people out there trying, learning, growing and doing all the new things that were never possible before. It takes that one chance. That one hope. That one step toward something new or different: a beginning. A chance to change with the world around you and to accept that this is all so temporary. This is all so small. That you are on a rock in the middle of space and what you do, or did, or were afraid of, means so little in the grand view of everything that is always happening around you. So why are you so afraid of doing something?

You stay small and frightened. Looking down. Not seeing the great in the small, or the value of the mundane. Surviving is where you are. Lost and alone. It’s why I wish you could see you. The greatness in this tiny world. There is someone that sees what you’ve done to grow and become who you are. There is someone who sees you for who you are and I wish you could see with their eyes, with their heart.

There is no time like today to see you. To really see you. To see yourself with the eyes of the ones who love you, even if only you love you. You are always important to the most important person – You. See yourself and say “I am here. I love me. I am enough.” There is a reason you are here and I wish you could see the whole picture, but you have to live it. I suggest you find a way to look up and become part of this world you’re in.

I’m here to listen if you need it.


3 thoughts on “I Wish You Could See You”

  1. This message is for me. It resonates with me far and beyond. This is the sign from my ancestors. I’m going through a transitional period right now. When it comes to self-love, I see myself going with it then at times I fallback into my old ways. But never for a long time. I tend to pick myself right back up with no problems. You just gained a new follower, my friend. I look forward to hearing more from you and what else you have to offer.

    Thank you for sharing!

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