Are you struggling to find yourself in all the demands of life? Has your mental and physical health taken a back seat to everyone else’s needs and demands? Do you often find yourself sick, tired, and depleted? Are you surviving on sarcasm and coffee? Honestly, same here.

Feeling this way means that you are likely putting other’s needs above your own. Even people you don’t care for. You may even judge your self-worth by how great everyone else thinks you are. On the outside you seem put together, but on the inside you relate more to a racoon than you’d like to admit. (Up all night, eats trash, will totally fight somebody)

The truth is that caring for yourself allows you to better care for other creatures in your life. Like pets, kids, partners and parents. You can’t give what you don’t have and at some point something will break. It  might be you, and that would suck.

I have a listening ear and an odd outlook on life that may help you understand how and why it is important to care for yourself and make your health – mental, emotional & physical –  priority #1. The stories I write are all based off situations, experiences, and mini epiphanies that I have had. None of them are long and most are filled with sarcasm. The voices in my head are spicy.

If you’re not sure about me, that’s ok. I get it. Read something I wrote and then pass judgement. I don’t mind. I’m tough. Like memory foam in winter.

With love,