Wholistic Coaching

Do you know someone who seems really healthy, but the only relationships they have are with people from work or the gym? Or someone who seems to have everything they need, but you go to their house and are overwhelmed by their crazy environment? Or you know someone who is so in-tune with their inner self, but their finances make you cry? Yeah… We all know, or are, those people.

Sometimes we become so focused on one aspect of our lives that everything else falls apart. Rarely do we bother to look at our lives from any other perspective, other than whatever urgency has a hold on us at that moment. It’s a very narrow way of viewing our world. Intense focus is only good for a short period of time. I want to share an idea about living wholistic, or a life without holes. (<-Did you see what I did there? HaHa, I’m so funny!)

So what do I mean by wholistic? I mean for you to look at your life as one big puzzle, where if one piece is missing then the puzzle looks like sh*t (I don’t really know why sh*t is better than shit, but I’m going to roll with it). Nothing about your life is going to work smoothly if parts of your life are neglected. You already know this so I’m not going to beat it into you. Instead I want you to look at a few key areas of your life and score yourself. It doesn’t matter what scoring system you use, you know the truth about these areas of your life.

Finances. This is my hard one so I put it first. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you spend more than you have? Are you making enough to survive and to save? Can you give back to those in need? Does money stress you out? Does how you make money negatively impact you or the world?

Social Life. Do you get to spend time with people who make you feel good? Are you socializing in a negative way? Do you get to meet new people who stretch your perspective or change the way you view the world?

Physical Health. Are you eating foods that give you energy? Do you know what foods make you feel like crap? Do you spend any time outside? How do you move your body? Or do you even move? Are you drinking enough water?

Emotional Health. Do you get to spend time working on yourself? Do you read? Are you creative? Are you learning something new? Do you allow yourself to feel and be ok with feeling? Can you find joy in your life?

Environment. Do you have too much stuff? Does your home make you happy? When you walk into each room of your house, how do you feel? What other environments are you often in and what are they like?

Relationships. How is your relationship to yourself? Your body? Do you have a lot of negative self-talk? Do you talk poorly about others? Who in your life drives you batty, and can you fix that relationship? Are any of your relationships toxic? Who makes you feel alive?

There are probably many other things in your life we could look at, but these ones are majorly important. Like, life-altering important. I would love for any comments you may have about this topic. I also love receiving and responding to emails. Have a great day!

Thank you for your time.



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