The Silly Putty Has To Go!

If you have read any of my other blogs you may have realized that I am the mom to a young boy. I love being a mom to this creative, insightful, and generally good spirited child, but sometimes it’s messy. By sometimes I mean every single day. Right now it looks like a penny hurricane hit his bedroom. It’s his money, he can use it how he likes, but this isn’t wise money choices.

Well, it was his birthday not too long ago and us, oh so smart parents, thought he would enjoy some Silly Putty. Two days ago we notice that the ball of putty seemed smaller than normal. With some gentle questioning we discovered that he had stuffed the putty in the end of his Nerf gun. We believe that his toys are his to use or break as he so chooses, but will help him fix something if he asks. Parenting 101: do only what they ask for, don’t ask for more work yourself.

Nerf gun fixed, but there still seems to be some putty missing. We have a mystery on our hands. Or more like a mess in our house. Mike found some stuck to his shoe, then our son’s carpet. I found some on my clothing and in the bed. The last straw was when I took some to work with me on a bracelet I was wearing. It was showing up everywhere! The Silly Putty had to go.

Now you may be wondering why I am telling you all this. First I want to let you know that we all make terrible mistakes and then have to clean up after said mistakes. Second I wanted to get you thinking. Where is the Silly Putty in your life?

I know this seems like a weird question, but I’ve asked weirder. It’s okay. Just go with it. I am wondering where in your life do you have things that don’t belong. Like sorrow on a Hawaiian vacation or fear when you are safe at home. Also, what are you taking with you that isn’t helping you? Like regret over something you can’t change or anger from one situation and bringing it into another.

The truth is, you only have now for anything, but we are so busy on our “before’s” and “after’s” that we pay little attention to right now. We dwell on the unchangeable instead of looking for the enjoyable. I can’t change the fact that putty has, and will, show up in strange places, but I can enjoy now, putty free. I also shouldn’t be angry with others because I have a putty problem (I can’t seem to say that with a straight face). It’s not their fault we made a poor parenting choice.

Because I make mistakes and I know that others do as well, I can have compassion for myself and others. This seems to help me keep my cool when the next sticky situation arrives. Occasionally I can pass on my chill attitude when dealing with other not-so-happy campers and change people’s outlooks on a situation. Is it really a problem or are they making it one? Or could this be a really good learning opportunity?

I’m not saying that my life is easy. I just do my best to not make it harder than it has to be by observing my thoughts and actions and getting rid of things that are unhelpful, if I can. If what I am doing is not helping a situation I do my best to stop. Sometimes I have to clean up my mess and apologize. What am I supposed to learn and how can I improve? I can only move forward from this point, right now.

The great thing about this life is that we can change and improve a little bit everyday. Everyday I am a little bit better than the day before. I don’t hate myself for the past or wish for the future. I do what I can, now. Even if now requires cleaning up putty.

Isn’t it great how I can come up with something to write about over something as simple as Silly Putty? Can you think of something good from a weird or crappy thing? I’d love to hear it!

Let’s put a positive spin on any situation!


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