Due to the struggles I have had, I have realized the power opening up and talking to someone. Depression is a challenge many of us face, and we often face it alone. I don’t want you to feel alone. If you need some one to talk to, free of judgement and completely confidential, please email me at

It doesn’t have to be about depression, it can be about the weather, but if you need to talk, reach out. I’m not going to sent you random emails or ask you for money. I will just respond and remind you that you are not alone.

This is free for all. Below are suggestions for services I provide. Money is not the determinant as to whether I will help, or not. I want to help, within the boundaries of my skills and my life. It’s pretty risk free and I will delete your email address if you ask. All it takes is a little trust.


  • Discovery Session- Free!
    • This session is always free. I want to talk to you and find out how I can help, if you are ready for help, and if we work well together. At the very least you will know what a coaching session feels like and what it’s like to work with me. This usually runs about 90 minutes.


  • One-time Clarity Call- $100
    • This session is different from the Discovery Session in that it’s straight to the point. I’m not going to look into how your whole life is working and how working with me over time will make large improvements. This is a single problem conversation that will give you insight and direction. It’ll help you find your path, but since it’s only a single conversation, you’ll have to hold yourself accountable. This may be a good option for those who can’t have consistent conversations every week (or those who hate commitments).


  • 12 Week Health Coaching: One-on-One- $900
    • This program works with your life. We find a time to talk every week for about an hour. In this time we go over your successes and your struggles and work on the next steps to take to get you closer to your goals. This does require you and I to talk every week for about an hour.


  • 12 week Health Coaching: Group Coaching $1200
    • In a group coaching program you will be talking about your life in front of others. I suggest you choose those you are comfortable with to do this program. It’s a great way to share the cost and to have more support outside of the coaching sessions. This requires a weekly group conversation that may take up to 90 minutes.


  • Maintenance: After the 12 Week Program $75 per session
    • This is for after you have gone through the 12 week program and achieved your goals. We can talk every week or every other week or every month. It’s really up to you and if you feel you would like to keep having the support and accountability that you received during the last 12 weeks.


  • 2 Hour Workshop: Large Group- $400
    • Do you know of a group of people who are struggling with similar issues? This group workshop is to gain insight on common problems that we all tend to struggle with and come up with solutions to improve our lives. Group size up to 20 people.
    • There are 3 topics to choose from: Kicking the Sugar, Stress Less, and Forgiveness. The session is split up into two parts: a 90 minute talk and a 30 minute Q&A.

* For any questions, concerns, hopes, or dreams please contact me. I really do want to help!